JW’s Farm is committed to bringing  fresh, healthy, delicious, local produce and seasonal vegetable, herb, and native wildflower transplants to the Charlotte-Metro area, by using environmentally responsible and sustainable farming methods… beginning with high-quality heirloom and open-pollinated seeds from reputable sources, and staying away from chemical inputs, in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

This ‘micro-farm’ resides on two acres of land within 25 miles of uptown Charlotte, NC, although currently, only approximately 1/8 acre is in production… including three, 4 ft. x 75 ft. raised beds and another 4,000± sq.ft. (of former front lawn) tilled into traditional rows.

Early in the year 1,200+ seedlings are started by hand, under lights, in a small enclosed porch and moved to an adjacent cold frame and 6’x 8’ greenhouse. With the recent construction of a small (12’x 12’) hoop house, the seedlings were started a bit earlier than last year, with the goal of having healthy, vigorous plants for sale, both to local retail establishments (wholesale) and direct to individual customers via the farmers market, Craigslist, and word-of-mouth – to coincide with the average last frost date for this part of North Carolina (ranging from April 2 – 15, depending on micro-climate).

In addition, the hoop house has helped to extend the growing season by allowing an early mix of salad greens, radishes, and other mesclun favorites (mizuna, curly cress, etc.) to be started sooner than they could have typically been sown outdoors.

JW’s Farm became a regular vendor at the Charlotte Tailgate Farmers Market in 2009, selling heirloom tomato seedlings and other open-pollinated vegetable starts in early spring; tomatoes and seasonal produce/herbs throughout the summer; and a wide variety of salad and cooking greens along with many cabbage family offerings, from fall through early winter.

Thank you for your interest in and support of small, local farms!


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