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Atherton Market – 9.4.10

First harvest… crisp & tender!!

It’s Labor Day weekend… and you know what that means!! The kids are back in school, Summer is coming to an end, and great Fall produce is just around the corner! 

But wait! Lucky you!!! You don’t have to wait for Sept. 22 (the autumnal equinox) to enjoy a crisp & tender Garden Blend Salad… because  we’ve just had our first harvest of the new season of a great mix of delicious, chemical-free lettuces… 

Bibb, Black Seeded Simpson, Butter Crunch, 

Grand Rapids Leaf, Parris Island Romaine, & Oakleaf!!! 

Come see us on Saturday at Atherton Market  and you’ll also find peppery baby arugula, ‘Rosa Bianca’ eggplant, okra & green peppers, Chinese cabbage (bok choy) greens, heirloom ‘Sugar Baby’ (personal sized) watermelons, and of course, our awesome sweet ‘Genovese’ basil! 

We look forward to seeing you between 9:00 am & 2:00 pm! 

Did someone say, "Arugula"?!?



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Atherton Market 7.31.10

Come see us at Atherton Market this Saturday, where we’ll have healthy, delicious, sustainably grown Heirloom Tomatoes, Squash & Zucchini, Cucumbers (tons!!), Sweet Genovese Basil,  Okra, Carrots, Swiss Chard, Sweet Peppers & Eggplant .

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Go on, flirt a little. You know you want to!

Exploring eco-friendly ways to eat, shop, and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.One of the best things about Saturdays at the Farmers Market is meeting like-minded people & getting to know them better – one conversation at a time – weekend by weekend, month by month.  

When we first met Jen, she was just starting up the EcoFlirt blog and website and look at it now! We are so impressed with all she’s done and we’re even more flattered that she’s mentioned JW’s Farm not once… but twice!  

Click on the pics below (EcoFlirt originals!) to read about the very first time we flirted, back in the spring on the patio at the Common Market South End,

Our baby seedlings. Representin' yo!

The Tailgate: A Local-only Farmer’s Market in South End

…and to catch up on EcoFlirt’s latest conversation with JW about seed saving and protecting genetic diversity. 

JW's Farm - Mid-summer harvest, 2010!

JW’s Farm: Preserving Heirloom Plants

 PS. Be sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the EcoFlirt site, as well. It is a terrific resource for the Charlotte eco-minded and the eco-minded-to-be! We’re certain you will leave there inspired to live a little greener!!

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Atherton Market – 7.17.10

Join us this Saturday for Atherton’s official Tomato Tasting Day! We’ll have a wide variety of sustainably grown Heirloom favorites for you to sample… from Calf’s Heart to Green Zebra, Lollipop, Principe Borghese, Large Red Cherry and Big Rainbow, just to name a few. 

You can slice them for an amazing sandwich made on Dukes Bread, pair them with our flavorful sweet peppers + Proffitt Farms grass fed beef for a delicious pepper steak, or pick up a JW’s Farm exclusive, hand-folded origami bowl of cherry tomatoes to pop in your mouth while you make your way around to see the other market vendors!

As always, we’ll also have lots of other freshly harvested veggies and herbs to tempt your tastebuds… Swiss chard, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, sweet Genovese basil, onion bunches, mini garlic braids, cucumbers, and more!

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Atherton Market – 6.26.10

Taking a week off from the Market this Saturday. Lots of good stuff growing in the garden though… so look forward to heirloom tomatoes & more deliciousness next week!

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Atherton Market – 6.19.10

Just got in from the garden and we’ve got lots of great produce for Saturday!  Plus, tonight we tried a new recipe for Squash Bread… and it just came out of the oven! (Wish you could smell it – it’s divine!)  So we’ll have yummy samples (and the recipe), while they last.

You've gotta try this recipe!

As for the produce: try to come early to get the best selection of heirloom tomatoes (slicing & cherry varieties) and cauliflower (limited quantities), colorful Swiss chard, gourmet micro-greens, plenty of squash and zucchini (so you can try the new recipe, too!), beets, basil, onions, kohlrabi, garlic bulbs. a few sweet peppers, and some butterfly weed seedlings & herb plants, just for fun!

Looking forward to seeing all of our loyal Market friends & to making new ones. Know your farmer! 🙂

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Happiness is…

a box of just-picked heirloom tomatoes!

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